Meow and Friends Community Vet

Open for the community, staffed by the community!

Affordable health care for your pets

Over 500,000 healthy and treatable cats and dogs are abandoned and euthanised in pounds, shelters and vet clinics in Australia each year. Meow & Friends Community Vet want to get this down to zero in our community and believe we can achieve this by desexing cats and dogs at greatly reduced prices and by offering discounted veterinary care to owners who cannot afford to visit private veterinary practices.

Meow & Friends Community Vet believe all pets deserve veterinary care no matter what your financial situation. All of our staff are extremely experienced vets, vet nurses, receptionists and helpers who volunteer some or all of their time so we can make pet health care more affordable to you and your pet. Know that every dollar you spend will help another less fortunate animal.

We believe that the relationship between an owner and their pet is a special and priceless bond. We strive to make veterinary care affordable with lower than average pricing, sustained by our wonderful team. We will always be upfront with you about the costs you can expect with every visit, every time, as well as making sure the plan we create uniquely fits your pet’s needs. 


We offer VETPAY! Pay a 10% deposit and pay the rest off over time. Head to to sign up, and send us a message.

Our Clinic's Opening Hours
Opening Hours
  • Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sat & Sun CLOSED