Price List

All Health Care/Pension Card-holders receive a 10% discount on desexing procedures.


General consultation (per pet) $66.00

Cat F3 vaccination and check up - $71.50

Puppy C4 vaccination and check up - $60.50

Dog annual C5 vaccination and checkup - $75.90

Microchipping - $30

Cat FIV vaccination - $30 single dose, $85 for the course of 3. 


Cat Surgical
Desexing surgery includes FREE microchip

Desexing female cat - $185

Desexing male cat - $130. 


-$45 for F3 vaccination if done on same day as surgery

-Free nail clip (if done with surgery)

-$12.50 for flea & worm spot-on treatment

-Additional costs will apply if your cat is pregnant or has undescended testicles.


 Dog Surgical 
Desexing surgery includes FREE microchip














Please contact the clinic for these prices


-$60.50 for C4/C5 vaccination if done on same day as surgery

-$60 surcharge if your female dog is over 2 years of age

-Additional costs will apply if your dog is on heat, pregnant, or has undescended testicles.


Small Animal

 At this stage we are unable to do small animal procedures. This includes rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds etc. 


Other procedures

Sedation fee (cats and small dogs) $70

Sedation fee (medium and large dogs) $90

Sedation fee (dogs over 45kg) $120

Nurse consult (for nail clip, weight check, diet advice etc) $25

Cat lion clip with sedation $149.20

Enucleation (eye removal) $350 per eye

Entropion $500 per eye

Please contact the clinic directly for lump removal and assessment or any other specialized procedures. 


Dental procedures
Please book a free dental check to receive a quote on this work