Meet our fantastic team of Volunteer Vets, Nurses and support team. Without their continued help, we could not offer the low prices we do.


Louise Cook

Practice Owner

I am a passionate qualified veterinary nurse with over 30 years of industry experience. Having worked in many private practices and in rescue, I know first hand of the huge number of puppies and kittens born every year who dont have homes. I believe the only way to stop this is with heavily reduced desexing fees. I also understand that many animals miss out on basic health care when their owners are unable to afford private veterinary fees. I want to put a stop to animals being surrended to shelters and pounds because there is no one to love them or their owners cannot afford to keep them. 

Come and join me on this crazy adventure to make a real difference in this world

Dr Ann Enright


Dr Enright began her career in animal welfare in 2008 at a leading cat shelter in Western Australia. This quickly became a turning point and was notably the beginning of her commitment to improving cat welfare and management in Australia. In particular, she enjoyed being able to make a difference for abandoned and unwanted animals. Two of Ann’s major achievements focus on establishing organisational change. By introducing sweeping changes to a cat shelter, she was able to dramatically reduce length of stay and incidence of disease. By establishing a collaborative, proactive relationship with the local Council Ann developed a simple cat management model that has the ability to significantly reduce the number of animals entering shelter and pound facilities.

Ann is an experienced Shelter Veterinarian with a demonstrated history of making a difference in animal welfare. She is skilled in veterinary medicine, Not for Profit operations, animal welfare and veterinary public health. Committed to shaping the future in animal welfare Ann has a Graduate Certificate and a Fellowship in Shelter Medicine from Universities of Florida and Wisconsin. Currently Ann is completing a Master's of Shelter Medicine with the University of Florida. 

Hannah Lewis


Hannah is an admin powerhouse, and a qualified vet nurse. She graduated with an associate degree in veterinary nursing from Melbourne Polytechnic. She believes in what we do and has dedicated countless hours to helping the clinic get up and running. She has been volunteering for Maneki Neko Cat Rescue for the past few years, but has always been involved in animal rescue and rehoming. Her favourite thing about working at Meow and Friends is being able to help so many rescues get their animals desexed and adopted out to new homes. 
In her spare time she is found cuddling her 4 cats and helping to raise money for rescue organizations. 

Dr Tash Bassett


Tash is a small animal vet whose passion is working with rescued animals both domestic and wild. Currently devoting much of her time to kangaroos, she really appreciates the chance to doctor and cuddle all the Meow kitties, since cats are her first love. She is the proud mama of 4 kitties and one dog who identifies as a cat.

Priscilla Dennis

Veterinary Nurse

I have been involved in animal welfare and rescue for the past 14 years and in 2016 graduated as a veterinary nurse. My interests include feline medicine including dental health and hygiene and avian medicine. I am currently a stay at home mum to a very active 4 year old and volunteer my time whenever possible. Like most animal lovers - we have a home filled with animals including birds (canaries and finches) cats, fish and foster animals.

Dr Anand Thilla

Dr. Anand is an accredited specialist medical anaesthetist in Australia and the UK. After undergraduate and early specialist training in Edinburgh, he moved to Glasgow for his senior specialist training. A fellowship year in Melbourne at Monash Health led him to settling in Melbourne.
Due to a serendipitous event during the second Covid lockdown of 2020, he found himself helping Louise at Meow Rescue. Despite having a microchip, his owners can’t be contacted and therefore he can be found loitering around Meow Rescue looking for free pizza and other treats. His dogmatic approach to safe anaesthesia has prevented clinical catastrophes from happening at Meow.
In his spare time, he enjoys hanging around golf courses and beaches, and trying to teach his cats Max and Leo about car spray painting.

Dr Shalini Sinnan


Shalini graduated from Murdoch University in Perth in 2010. Over the past 10 years, she has worked and volunteered all over Australia, as well as the UK, Fiji and Malaysia.
Shalini has a wide range of interests, including behaviour medicine, oncology, internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.
Her interests outside work are travel (53 Countries and counting!), learning new languages and hanging out with her 3-legged rescue cat Panda.

Niaori White


Confirmed crazy cat lady ( she actually will hiss at you if you move her things!) Niaori is a receptionist extroadinaire and vet nurse assistant. She has a certificate 3 in animal studies, and is currently studying dog and cat training, behaviour and psychology.
Her stated goal is to become Australia's verion of Jackson Galaxy. She has a long history of volunteering to help animals, including a long time helping the Maneki Neko Cat Rescue, and she has even volunteered overseas, helping the Villalobos pit bull rescue in New Orleans.
Her cat Brucie is her main squeeze, and she can be found studying hard and helping us keep the clinic organized and running. 

Kelly Davidson

Veterinary Nurse

Bec Poppy


Bec is a small animal technician specialising in pet grooming and cat rescue. Bec has been involved with Meow Rescue for the past 7 years, and has fostered more than 150 cats! She is a proud owner of 5 rescues and loves her volunteer days at meow. 

Dr Joanne Gill


Joanne graduated in 1996 from Melbourne University and worked in GP practice for the next 6 years. She then moved into emergency medicine for the added challenge and stayed there for the next 10 years which also included a management role. She then took a break from the fast pace of emergency for 5 years and moved into GP part time before boredom hit. Joanne moved back into emergency medicine at CARE in 2016 and has since been doing this. She owns 5 cats and is a crazy cat lady that also enjoyed running marathons as a stress relief. She also has further qualifications in both internal medicine and emergency and is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists

Dr Jon Katzman


Jon graduate from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, SK, Canada in 2016. From there, he worked for 2 years in general practice on Vancouver Island while locuming at other general practice and emergency clinics. After that, he spent about 1.5 years locuming between emergency practices and general practiced. Jon moved to Melbourne in February 2016 where he works at CARE in the emergency department. In his free time, Jon loves riding horses, swimming, hiking and spending time with his partner and his cat named Ian.

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